Good Mood Eventi organizes perfect ceremonies for all religious faiths and wherever you wish, taking care of and advising you on bureaucratic and organizational details. With specific attention to the religious rites of your choice we will support you with the creation of the wording for the ceremony, the definition of the ideal decor and the appointment of the officiant.

According to your wishes, we can organize:

  • Civil unions in town halls and private locations
  • Ceremonies of any type of religious faith
  • Gay and lesbian weddings
  • Intimate and private ceremonies
  • Weddings abroad

The ceremony will be arranged in the minutest details, from the decor of the location to customisation of the schedule with musical arrangements and the reading of poetry, prose or prayers, directing the performance of the artists, friends and relatives you will want to involve. We will provide ideas on exchanging vows and will create personalized booklets for your ceremony. We will also cheer the end of the wedding rite preparing rice cone sachets, confetti baskets or soap bubbles for the guests.

Church ceremony