In 2014, The Huffington Post crowned it the most beautiful lake in the world. Its victory was assured due to the pleasant micro-climate and the surrounding hills dotted with villages and villas. We are obviously talking of Lake Como, one of the top destinations for weddings in Italy.

Typically encased within variously indented shores, Lake Como displays a shape that is often compared to an inverted “Y” or a spreadeagled man. A local saying stresses that similarity: “Lake Como takes the shape of a man with one leg in Lecco and the other in Como, his nose in Domaso, and the bottom in Bellagio.”

It is onto this lovely lake that the terraces of our castles and the wedding villas stretch out.



The halls of our castles or the wedding villas we contract for the purpose are fully heated, with beautiful gardens where, in the warmer seasons, we can lay out the aperitif or even the entire wedding dinner. Thanks to our glass-fronted kitchens in full view of the dining room, we can organize personalised catering services with dishes prepared on the spot.

Our wedding locations make available to the future spouses a team of experts with years of experience, who will guide them throughout the organization of the ceremony, the choice of the menu, the layout of the tables, and the decoration of the rooms and gardens of the castle.


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